The Second Sunday After Pentecost: Service of Meditative Holy Eucharist

Things You Need to Know

June 18, 2017

The Episcopal Church of Saints Matthew and Barnabas

20 Union Street, Hallowell, Maine  (207) 623-3041

The Reverend David Matson / 207-522-9927


Jesus said, “Love God and love your neighbor.” The Episcopal Church of Saints Barnabas and Matthew is a workshop for living this commandment, equipping the saints for ministry.”  Matt 22:37-39; Eph 4:11-12


Our vision is justice and peace among all people and respect for the dignity of every living being.



 SUNDAY, June 18, 2017

9:30 a.m. The Second Sunday After Pentecost: Service of Meditative Holy Eucharist

11:00 a.m. Fr David’s Preaching Workshop


Tuesdays 5:30 p.m. Exploring the Word with Fr. David – A look at the scriptures for the Sunday ahead

PRAYER REQUESTS   We ask your prayers for…

Michael; Hope and Ingrid; Alice; Phyllis; Rueben; Makayla; Kathy; Kim; Mary; John; Marilyn; Baby Noah; Shaun; Keith; Diane; Chris and Maureen; Laurie; Dorothy and Dick; Nancy and David; Tom; Trudy and Mac; Beth; Donald; Gary; Fr Bruce and Marg; Mike; Henry; Cindy; Chris and family; Gail, Joyce; Donna; Scott; Colleen; Bill; Nathan; Steve; Bob; Alexis; Judy; Andy; Tope; Jeanne; Cindy; Iola; Lindsey and Mackenzie; Amy; Roberta; Leona, Ed and Lois; David; Connie; Thalia and Donna; Christina, Ruby, Belle and Peggy; Brandy and Nathan; Noella, Monroe, Lyric and Michael; Robin and Marilyn; Marge and Hugh: Pricilla and Harvey; Roger; Ralph; Tammy and Gary; Delane; Nate; Rodney; Jodi; Sharon.


This week’s altar flowers are in loving memory of Delphine, Vaughn Hatch and Kathleen Andrews

 If you have a prayer request, please call Gay Patterson 620-6468 or Sue Carey 622-7539 cell 441-7358, or fill out a Prayer Request card at Worship Services and drop it in the collection plate. You are also encouraged to request prayers of thanksgiving! Please contact Sue Carey or Em Wilson if you would like to honor the memory of a loved one by donating altar flowers or the Sanctuary candle.


 YOUR VESTRY met last Sunday and voted to officially and legally merge Saint Barnabas and Saint Matthews into one church!! We have notified the Bishop and they are helping us draft the resolution to make this change, which will be presented to the whole diocese for a vote at Convention in October. This is big stuff and we’re excited! We welcome your comments and questions about this big event.

 Public Supper this Saturday, June 17th – Pies and Casseroles are needed as well as volunteers for set up and clean up. Bring your food items to church by 3:00 p.m. on Saturday.

FATHER DAVID IS GOING ON SABBATICAL! Beginning July 1st, Fr David will be taking a leave, first to go on his customary vacation for July, then on a sabbatical until he returns December 1st. Fr David and the vestry have ensured complete coverage of worship services during his absence. We look forward to some interesting and different preachers in the coming months, and also to David returning refreshed and spiritually rejuvenated. June 25th will be his last service with us before his leave, and of course we’re going to have a party!

 ST BARNABAS ANNUAL YARD SALE is coming June 23 and 24! Donations that are clean and reusable are needed in all categories. Arrangements can be made with Alison Hoff or Su Locsin for drop off at St Barnabas church building (also willing to pick-up). Please plan ahead to donate your items before the yard sale day.

 SUMMER TIME FUN RAFFLE has begun! Tickets are now available for purchase at Bolley’s and on Sundays. Help is needed selling raffle tickets! If you can sell tickets at your workplace, please contact Cindi Cunningham. The single Grand Prize drawing is worth $500 and will be drawn at the Lobster Roll Supper July 14th and features a gas grill, cooler, Sea Dogs tickets and so much more! Tickets are $2 each or 6 for $5. This is a great deal!!

 UPDATE: Our Beloved Pipe Organ is getting some much needed repair. We’re asking parishioners to help us cover the $4,000 balance! We have raised $2,575 so far!! Won’t you please make a donation towards the heart of our music ministry! Please note your check with “Pipe Organ Repair Fund” and make it payable to “The Episcopal Church of Saints Matthew and Barnabas.” Thank you!

 Robert Kellerman is teaching in Latvia on a Fulbright Scholarship. You can follow his journey by reading his blog “Letter from Latvia”(click title or type in your browser Please keep Rob in your prayers for travelers. Rob will be returning the first of July!

 Father David’s sermons can be found posted on our Facebook page. YouTube videos of sermons recorded by Jessica Gorton are linked and posted to our Facebook page. Find his latest sermon here: or here: Our choir was featured on the diocese FB page, thanks to Adam Fisher! Also find videos of our choir singing, HERE-Amazing Grace. Please Like and Share!



 LAY PREACHING WORKSHOP June 18 after the service at t 11:00 a.m. Anyone interested in preaching on Sundays is welcome to attend Fr. David’s workshop. We’ll be asking what preaching is, looking at some approaches to preparing and sharing tips for delivery.

Kerry Mansir’s Ordination to Transitional Deaconate – June 17, 2017 11:00 a.m. at St Luke’s Cathedral in Portland. All are welcome. A reception in the hall will follow.

Our Next Public Supper – THIS Saturday, June 17 from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

St Barnabas Annual Yard Sale – June 23 & 24 at the St Barnabas campus! Volunteer or come shop!

 Next Vestry Meeting –   Sunday, August 13 at 11:30. No Meeting in July. Anyone who wishes to have a copy of any month’s meeting minutes, please contact Lisa Kolosey, Parish Administrator.



The Episcopal Church of Saints Matthew and Barnabas’ 2017 Budget – $145,000

Total Current Pledges as of 3/5/17 is $53,422 from 37 pledging households

Please make your checks payable to “The Episcopal Church of Saints Matthew and Barnabas.”

Last Week’s Collection Plate – June 11, 2017

Pledge Payments: $633

Loose Plate Offering: $206

Organ Repair Fund: $2,575 raised so far ($1,425 to go!)

Attendance: 49




Basic Essentials Pantry – Please pick up an extra package of toilet paper or pack of bar soap when you’re shopping and bring it in on Sunday. Our contributions are vital to this ministry!