Pastoral Care Team

For General  or Urgent Pastoral Assistance contact the church office at 207-623-3041

From the Clergy

Life is filled with joy and complexity, and sometimes it is helpful to have the companionship and support of a trusted pastoral care giver.  If you are about to celebrate a particularly joyous occasion (birth, marriage, anniversary…) or if you have a personal need and could use the pastoral support of the clergy, please contact the parish office to make this need known.  (In specific matters, where additional care is needed, the clergy also know of other resources and can assist with a referral.)

Spending time with members of the parish, especially newcomers, who may not have a specific need is also an important part of ordained ministry.  The demands of parish administrative work, hospital calling, pastoral visitation and preparation for worship often reduce our ability to call as often as we would like, but we depend upon your initiative for an invitation if you would like a visit.  The clergy at St. Matthew’s would love to visit you, so please be in touch.  Never think that the clergy are “too busy” to minister to your needs.

From the Pastoral Care Team

To further attend to the pastoral needs of the parish community, St. Matthew’s Church created a Pastoral Care Team in 2005 that continues to grow in involvement and in the kinds of ministry that are offered.  This ministry includes Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors, members of the parish Prayer Chain Ministry, as well as members of our new Healing Prayer Ministry. 

Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors continue to provide communion services to residential facilities in the community as well as to those who for various reasons can’t attend worship at St. Matthew’s but would like to receive communion.  These services are opportunities for St. Matthew’s to reach out to others in our community and share our worship with them as well as support parishioners who are sick or homebound. 

Pastoral Care Visitors visit members of our parish community who are sick or homebound, in special need of support, or who at times may feel disconnected with the community.  On behalf of St. Matthew’s Church members of this ministry check in with these people and offer the support of a caring friend.  Whatever the need, pastoral care always includes prayerful concern for the well being of others.

The Healing Prayer Ministry was recently resurrected at St. Matthew’s.  A small group of parishioners agreed to make themselves available to anyone who wishes at the 10:30 a.m. service on Sundays.  Each Sunday there are two members of the ministry available in the narthex of the church to offer prayers of healing on behalf of the community.  This is a way for our community of St. Matthew’s to support one another as we struggle with life’s many challenges.  Together, within the fellowship of our Christian community, we lift our concerns to God in Christ who is our healer.     

The Prayer Chain Ministry prays daily for the sick, recovering, and housebound members and friends of St. Matthew¹s Church.  For prayer requests, please contact Helene Maraghy, the Parish Administrator, at

The Pastoral Care Ministry meets monthly.  Our meetings include prayer, scripture reading and reflection, as well as discussion about how we can continue to grow in our understanding and practice of pastoral care as the ministry of all the baptized.

For more information regarding Pastoral Care Ministry, please contact Pastoral Care Ministry Coordinator, The Reverend Mary Bourque, through the Church Office.